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Sunday 6 October 2024

Stroud Brick Throwing and Rolling Pin Competition

The Stroud Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Competition is an annual event originally held between four townships of Stroud in the world –

Stroud in Gloucestershire, England;  in Oklahoma, U.S.A.;  in Ontario, Canada, and here in New South Wales, Australia.

In 1960 Stroud UK and USA, both brick-making towns, held the first bricking-throwing contest.  With Australia and Canada joining in 1961, and in 1962 Australia suggested including a women’s rolling pin contest. 

Nobody would have ever assumed that an entire event could be based on a brick, and that so much fun could be had from such a basic object.  Boasting a population of 701 the small town of Stroud, NSW however had very different ideas for this slab of cement, and the only Stroud in the world to continually host this whacky tradition for six decades.

Traditionally, males throw a brick weighing in at around five pounds and women get to fling a specialised rolling pin weighing two pounds.  While children have the opportunity to hurl a rubber hen ensuring all family members can be involved in the days’ festivities.  This fun-filled event keeps attracting participants and spectators year after year.

Current World Throwing Records

The current brickthrowing record is 142’6”, and the rolling pin throwing record is 156’4”, held by England and U.S.A. respectively.  Imperial measurements are used to conform with the other countries.  

How the competition works:

The competition involves six person teams with points scored 10 to 1 by the top ten individual throws.  Team points are then compiled, with a trophy being available for the winning team.  Elimination heats are being conducted, and the International teams chosen.  The culmination of the day is the International team event at 3.00 p.m.   Australia’s results are then telephoned to America, where results on an International level are compiled, and telephoned back to participating countries.

Street Parade:

The days’ festivities begin with the street parade of themed funky floats and marchers making their way through the main street of Stroud and concluding at the Stroud Showground, where all the tossing takes place.